What's Onsen Kinunoyu

Inoda onsen 'Kinunoyu' story.


Inoda Onsen had a reputation as a hot spring which works very well for skin diseases in the early Meiji period,(About 150 years ago)


The sick who was abandoned by the doctor came into the bath and crowded as a hot spring resort.


The fountain is an alkaline cold spa. It is colorless transparent and has a faint sulfur smell.


The fountain name is called "Kinunoyu" and is also called "beautiful skin ", and as the name suggests it is soft and smooth skin texture like "silk"(Kinu means Silk)


Even now it is good for skin diseases, as a skin the cure, visitors will come to hot spring cure if you worry about atopic dermatitis etc from all over the country.


In the bath, each man and woman.

The space floating in the fragrance of the tree.


Enjoy the natural scenery from the window, relaxedly.